Topping L30 II

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  Topping L30 II NFCA Headphone Amp   Headphone Amp / Pre Amp Hi-Res... mehr
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Topping L30 II

NFCA Headphone Amp


  • Headphone Amp / Pre Amp
  • Hi-Res Audio certified
  • Three Gain setting
  • NFCA Modules
  • 0,00006% THD+N
  • 144dB DNR
  • <0,1µVrms Noise
  • <0,1Ohm Output Impedance
  • 2 x 3500mW Output Power @16Ohm
  • 2 x 56mW Output Power @300Ohm


Improved NFCA

Topping L30 II uses redesigned NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) module. It provides 2x output power at 300Ohm compared to the former L30 version. The new circuit has 0,1µV ultra-low noise and 144dB dynamic range as well as 0,00006% THD+N.

Sound quality is never a problem

With the help of NFCA, Topping L30 II easily reaches the top of the industry. And it has almost perfect performance regardless of distortion, dynamic range and multi-tone testing.

Compatible with almost all kinds of headphones

Topping L30 II output has high output voltage, high current, low output impedance. So, no headphone that can´t be dealt with. High output voltage can easily drive high impedance headphones. High output current allows low-sensitivity headphones to obtain enough power. The low output impedance will not bring unnecessary effect on FR when driving low-impedance headphones. Different headphones can be easily driven by the L30 II.

Low distortion while outputting high power

The L30 II can maintain ultra-low distortion output under high power load. Under 32 Ohm load and 2500mW output, the THD+N is lower than 0,00008%. Under 300 Ohm load and 300mW output, the THD+N is lower than 0,00007%.

Three gain setting to suit different needs

L30 II has three gain options: -14dB / 0dB / 16,5dB

Improved gain settings can cover a wider range of needs to meet the needs of different headphones from low-sensitivity full-sized over-ears to high-sensitivity IEMs. With the help of extremely low noise 0,3µV, even IEMs will not hear any background noise.

Topping E30 II is the best DAC for Topping L30 II.

We also recommend that L30 II and E30 II be used with active speakers. Connect the two outputs of L30 II to headphones and active speaker. By switching the outputs of L30, you can enjoy music on headphones and active speakers respectively.




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