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iBasso DX240
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iBasso DX240 - Birthday sounds so beautiful The iBasso DX240 in the summary: iBasso makes... mehr
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iBasso DX240 - Birthday sounds so beautiful

The iBasso DX240 in the summary: iBasso makes itself a present with the iBasso DX240 to the 15th birthday. An excellent sounding portable music player with the usual first-class price-performance ratio and many special features. Such as the exchangeable amplifier modules, Android and Mango OS as operating system, the flagship DAC ESS Sabre ES9038 Pro and more.
The highlights of the iBasso DX240 at a glance:

  •     Interchangeable amplifier modules - The right module for every headphone.
  •     Top class "heart and brain" - ARM 64 bit Octa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM WLAN and Bluetooth 5.0
  •     Top class DAC integrated- ESS Sabre ES9038PRO for pure, clear sound
  •     Android 9.0 as operating system - And iBasso Mango OS as elegant alternative
  •     High-quality workmanship - CNC-machined aluminum housing

Interchangeable amplifier modules - And a true universalist in the package

Every pair of headphones has its own unique performance and needs profile, and not every player fits every listener. In-ears need rather sensitive amplifiers, while high-impedance over-ear headphones need much more power. Now, you either buy different players - or turn to the iBasso DX240. Because this one allows you to combine the most suitable amplifier module for you and your headphones in no time at all. All you have to do is loosen two screws and you're ready to go.

The scope of delivery includes the amplifier module iBasso AMP1 MK3, a true universalist that provides a solid basis for most common headphones. As outputs, 3.5 mm jack and 2.5 mm balanced jack as well as a combination connection, which serves as a coaxial digital output and 3.5 mm line out, are available.

So you can start relaxed and then have the option to optimize even further.

Everything your heart desires - ARM 64 bit Octa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM WLAN and Bluetooth 5.0

The requirements for a portable music player are extremely complex today. After all, these are basically smartphones that have been consistently trimmed for high-quality music playback (which is why the phone part is omitted, because it would only get in the way). While a few buttons and a slot for a memory card were enough in the past, we expect more and more from devices today. Rightly so, as the iBasso DX240 impressively proves.
A real cerebrum at work - 64-bit ARM CPU and 4 GB RAM.

You press play and the music starts. What sounds like a very simple process is a real mammoth task these days. Huge music databases have to be sifted through, large amounts of data have to be shoveled from A to B, and each file format has its very own specialties and peculiarities. And then all this has to be displayed nicely and without delay on the touch display.

All this is only possible if a solid technical basis is created. Like in the iBasso DX240. A 64-bit capable 8-core CPU from the specialist ARM in combination with 4 GB of working memory works exactly towards this goal. You decide what is played, the player implements it seamlessly and without delay. Today, and also in the future.
WLAN with 2.4 and 5 GHz, Bluetooth 5.0 and 64 GB internal memory - many paths lead to good music

In addition to its 64GB of built-in memory, the iBasso DX240 naturally also has a microSD card slot for a memory card up to a maximum of 2TB of storage. So you can store lots of good music directly on the player and are independent of the intern and other devices.

But: It can also be wireless! Thanks to Android 9.0, you can listen to and enjoy music from almost any streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and many more via WLAN, access your home NAS.

The DX240 can also do quite a bit in "short-range radio". With Bluetooth 5.0, interference-free reception with a long range is guaranteed (theoretically up to 100 meters distance). And so that everything fits sonically, aptX and LDAC are on board. And the best thing about it: It can not only receive music via Bluetooth, but also send it. Whether to your car, stereo system or Bluetooth headphones, music in the best quality guaranteed.

And those who listen to music on their PC or laptop will be happy about the twist-proof USB-C port (the cable always fits!). Because in addition to the naturally necessary charging function, the iBasso DX240 can also be used as a first-class USB DAC via it.

 Uncompromising digital-to-analog conversion - With intelligent teamwork.

The name of the DAC suggests it already; the "PRO" in the ESS converter makes it clear that no compromises are made here in terms of sound quality and that it meets even the highest demands. And that up to resolutions of 32 bit and 768 kHz, as well as DSD512 MQA 16x. No matter what format your music is stored in, the iBasso DX240 makes it an experience.

However, this is not only the merit of the converter in general, but also its implementation. This is because it does not work "on its own", but is supported by an FPGA specially programmed by iBasso for this purpose. This FPGA receives the audio data from the processor, synchronizes it and "gets it into shape" before it is passed on to the DAC for further processing.

Teamwork can be this beautiful.

 Android 9.0 as operating system - And Mango OS as puristic alternative

With Android 9.0 as the operating system, the wide world of music is open to you, because now you have access to almost any music apps. Whether Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz or a completely different Android app: you have the freedom to decide what gets played. High-quality, flexible and quite simple.

There's also Mango OS as an alternative bootable operating system for music playback from the integrated memory card and NAS. Completely optimized and adapted for the DX240 from iBasso. And free from external interference such as Bluetooth, WLAN and the versatile but CPU-intensive Android operating system.

Fits comfortably in the hand - High-quality, CNC-machined full metal housing

The iBasso DX240 is a feast for the senses - you'll notice that once again when you pick it up. With its high-quality aluminum housing, manufactured in a complex CNC process, this player weighs only 240 grams.

And if you don't like the feel of cold metal, no problem: a case made of silicone is also included.
Clear view ahead - 5"/12.7 centimeter IPS touch display with Full HD resolution

Even if we buy a portable music player primarily to listen to music in the best quality, the player also wants to be operated and controlled.

Rarely has this been done as elegantly as with the iBasso DX240, which has a nearly full-surface, viewing-angle-stable IPS display with true Full HD resolution /1920 x 1080 pixels.

This makes the player a real highlight not only acoustically and haptically, but also visually.

Energetic powerhouse - with the qualities of a long runner

If you've read this far, you know: the iBasso DX240 is a real equipment wonder with a wide range of possibilities. But one important piece of information is still missing. How long can you enjoy it? Basically, as long as you want. And with one battery charge, after all, up to a proud 11 hours. No matter if you have a long workday or a long trip ahead of you: Charge once and enjoy for a long time. And when the battery eventually runs out, the 4,400 mAh capacity is recharged in around 2.5 hours.

A bulging equipment package - lots of accessories in the scope of delivery

In addition to the obligatory iBasso DX240 itself, there are also a lot of useful accessories in the box.

The balanced burn-in cable to achieve the optimal sound performance without much waiting time, the high-quality case made of silicone, a coaxial cable and a USB-C cable. In addition, the iBasso AMP1 MK3 amplifier module and the obligatory quick start guide.


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Amp-Modul AMP1 MK3
Ausgänge 2,5 mm TRRS
3,5 mm Single-Ended
3,5 mm Line-Out
Batteriekapazität 4400mAh
Ladezeit 2,5 Stunden
Wiedergabezeit bis zu 11 Stunden
Maximaler Ausgangspegel 6,2 Vrms
Leistung 878mW@32Ω, 128mW@300Ω
Frequenzantwort 10Hz-45kHz
SNR 125dB
DNR 125dB
THD+N -114dB
Auflösung -119dB
Ausgangsimpedanz 0,57Ω
AUSGABEPARAMETER (3,5 mm single ended)  
Maximaler Ausgangspegel 3.1Vrms
Leistung 281mW@32Ω, 32mW@300Ω
Frequenzantwort 10Hz-45kHz
SNR 123dB
DNR 123dB
THD+N -110dB
Auflösung -117dB
Ausgangsimpedanz 0.38Ω
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