iBasso DC03 Pro

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  iBasso DC03 Pro High-Res USB DAC & Amp     iBasso UAC App... mehr
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iBasso DC03 Pro

High-Res USB DAC & Amp


  •  iBasso UAC App
  • DAC: Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131
  • S/N: 127dB
  • THD+N: -114dB
  • Noise Floor: 0,9µV
  • 3,5mm Stereo Output
  • Physical Volume Control
  • CNC Aluminium Case
  • Tempered Glass panels


 Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131 – Quality Dual DACs providing pro results

The well-received CS43131 is back with this new DC-series. The Cirrus Logic flagship DAC with Master HiFiT technology provides outstanding performance and excellent sound. With our extensive investment in research and development and well selected parts, the iBasso DC03Pro is a wonderful and affordable standout.

KDS Femtosecond Oscillator

The iBasso DC03Pro is equipped with the KDS femtosecond oscillator, which can effectively reduce phase noise and provide a more accurate clock reference for the DAC. A better digital audio system brings pure and transparent music replay.

Noise Floor Reaches Nanovolt Level Provides a Blacker Background

In the AP measurement, the noise floor of DC03Pro is less than 0,9µV (900nV9, which stands out among similar products. The nanovolt level noise floor allows the iBasso DC03Pro to have a blacker background. Every moving melody and not in the music seems to be emerge in space free of distracting level noise.

Lower Power consumption – Less burden to the master device

The iBasso DC03Pro utilizes industry leading power management chip to intelligently control power consumption and an asynchronous DC/DC converter, which minimizes power consumption. When comparing to other dongles that usually have 600mW or above power consumption, the DC03Pro saves 36% power for your smartphone source. (iBasso DC03Pro power consumption 380mW)

3,5mm Stereo Output – Turn the smartphone into a real player

The lack of many smartphones to work as a high-quality music player is transformed by the DC03Pro. The DC03Pro was born fir HiFi enthusiasts who are accustomed to listening to music on smartphones and wish to have no compromise on sound quality. The 3,5mm universal interface has excellent compatibility, convenience and support.

Detachable cable – Meeting a wide range of cables used

The DC03Pro has a detachable cable design and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable which can be used with most android devices. When using a USB-C to lightning cable (bought separately) with the DC03Pro, it can be used with Appel devices.

Multi color indicator – Visually display the play mode

Standby – red

DSD – blue

PCM - green

Music, movie or gaming – Wide range of usage scenarios

Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, you will have a full sense of immersion enhancing your experience with the endless fun brought about by excellent sound.

Smartphone, computer, tablet – Suitable to use with many sources

The DC03 Pro is compatible with the most Android smartphones and tablets. With a USB-C to lightning cable, the DC03Pro can be used with iPones. It also can connect to PC and MAC to become a USB DAC.

Package content:

DC3Pro, USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A converter


DAC Chipset: Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131

THD+N -114d @300Ohm load / -111dB @32Ohm load

Output voltage: 2Vrms @300Ohm load / 1,77Vrms @32Ohm load

S/N: 127dB

Dynamic Range: 122dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 40kHz

Noise Floor: 0,9µV

Output impedance: 0,12Ohm

PCM: Up to 32Bit/384kHz

DSD: Native DSD upt to 256x

Weight: 10,5g

Size 49,4mm x 21mm x 8mm




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